Netflix and the Post Office

I’ve been using NetFlix for about a year now and I can’t say enough good things about the service. I get to watch the movies I want to watch without the hassles of going to a physical store. To top it off, their streaming service rocks (now I just have to buy the box for my television so I don’t have to stream via my laptop). Netflix rocks!

But there is a hitch. The other day, I received a postcard from the post office announcing that they are adjusting routes due to ‘a massive decrease in mail volume.’ Now, I am still getting mail six days a week; however, this announcement should raise some fear with the folks at Netflix. Why? People aren’t using the mail system like they once were and this trend is likely to continue. There might even come a time when the US Postal Service ceases to exist. What will Netflix do then?

I’m sure they have considered this eventuality. However, are they being aggressive enough with their streaming service? Are they doing enough to get their set-top boxes into distribution?


5 thoughts on “Netflix and the Post Office

  1. I find it unlikely the USPS will ever “cease to exist.” It may warp in form, but the USPS predates the Federal Government, the Postmaster General was one of the first cabinet posts, and keeping the mail running is a responsibility of the Federal Government.

    We adapted to single deliveries a day, and the USPS may drop to 5 days/week and maybe 2 days/week, but the USPS is critical to maintaining the US as a unified country.

    1. Interesting comment; however, I just don’t agree with your assertion. Why is the USPS essential? I only get junk mail in my snail-mail box. Having opted out of paper billing, I can now conduct all of my business online. As far as sending and receiving packages goes, UPS and Fedex seem to be doing a pretty good job.

      Regardless, the real question that I am concerned with is how a potential decrease in postal delivery dates would affect the Netflix business model.

  2. The USPS is a critical function of the US Government because it is. The USPS was what unified 13 colonies in various states of rebellion into a nation, because you could message back and forth. The USPS helped bring the West into the nation as it remained in communication. For legal purposes, a USPS Certified Letter carried significance in a way a UPS Tracking slip does not. My point is that the USPS has a historical role in the country that is unlikely to go anywhere.

    Given the unified command centers of the modern military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff is no longer in operational control, yet they haven’t gone anywhere. The branches of the military are no longer on different radio channels that can’t call each other, yet they still have some overlapping capability.

    And the US Government STILL maintains the Federal Helium Program, despite the fact that we haven’t used the Helium Balloon monitoring system in decades! And attempts to eliminate it have failed.

    I find it unlikely that the USPS will go anywhere anytime soon. By the point they do, Netflix will probably be 100% streaming, putting devices in the home for $10, and avoiding the whole “shipping plastic discs” around part of the business.

    1. Damn! I guess you are right about everything, definitely in regards to the Netflix discussion. I bet they go fully digital long before the USPS disappears, maybe within the next couple years. In regards to the USPS, you are right as well. We do seem to keep antiquated things around here in the States. Hey, I have an idea. They’ll need something to do – what if they ran the country’s email systems. They could definitely use some efficiency upgrades. Maybe they could even help drive costs down.

  3. As far as the netflix streaming services- this is def the way of the future. They have partnered with Panasonic, Samsung, and LG to include Netflix capability built into not only all the new Blu-Ray players, but also built into the television directly! Most LG and Panasonic TV’s on the market support Netflix right now, and all of the Blu-Ray players do. (My new TV has netflix built in, coolest thing ever!)

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