The Disney Institute (blogging from Orlando, Florida)

Today, we started our sessions with the Disney Institute (DI) here in sunny Orlando, Florida. Day one was a complete blast. Their trainers are world class and we even had a visit from Ivana Dream, their resident mother fairy. She and I had a wonderful exchange in the class.

The scope of the class was amazing. We covered everything from brainstorming and empowering the creativity within your organization to customer loyalty and branding. The Disney team even has a couple pro bloggers and Tweeters in the room taking notes and carrying on a conversation on the Web all while class is in session. It appears that the DI’s entry into social media is off to a good start.

We’ve also had the chance to interact with a whole bunch of great people from around the globe. Our classmates are from all types of industries, including government organizations to software giants, and little ol’ us (from the grocery industry). We can definitely hold our own though. It’s actually pretty reassuring to see that some of the world’s finest organizations deal with many of the same issues we do. We’re all human.


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