Lessons Learned…

Traveling and presenting/consulting with the various groups of people that I meet presents a series of challenges. The challenge is magnified by the fact that the industry I work in has not fully embraced the benefits the great branding, marketing and advertising can bring to their businesses. I work in the grocery industry and, in case you had not noticed, most grocery stores today tend to use their printed ad as their main form of marketing and advertising.

Throw a store team into a room and attempt to discuss the importance of customer loyalty, in-store experience and branding with them. Try it, I dare you. But it can be done. What it comes down to is understanding your audience and having the will and patience to rework your presentation as much as you have to in order to make it stick.

My beautiful and intelligent fiancé, Cassie, helped me to understand this just the other day (she’s great at offering different perspectives into a discussion).

The moral to the story is simple, if you want to get your point across then you have to be willing to craft the appropriate message for the audience you are talking to. It’s a basic point, yet is one that we all forget on a frequent basis.


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