Potentially the Worst Idea Ever

The Intended Proposal Spot
The Intended Proposal Spot

Above is the view from the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. This was the spot that I had intended to ask Cassie to marry me. For weeks, I had planned out the journey to the top of the high, desert peak where I would propose to the most beautiful, kind, talented, and intelligent woman ever. About a week before leaving for the trip, my plan began to unravel.

First, I shared some of the details about our upcoming trip and Cassie started doing a little research about Angel’s Landing. The first site she looked up warned of drop off that were thousands of feet high, winds, narrow ledges, chains that you held on to as you made the final assent, and a few more spine tingling details. I’ve hiked to the top several times and though I have never had any difficulty, the descriptions she was reading online left an impression.

She then admitted that she wasn’t much of a hiker and tended to get a little grumpy on long, steep hikes. Angel’s Landing is a long, steep hike.

The final realization occured about a day before we left for the trip. I suddenly remembered a very important detail about hiking. When you hike, your hands swell. It’s a minor detail that I had overlooked.

Add all of this up in your head for a moment. The intention was good; however, after considering all of the negatives, I went to plan B – a proposal on the balcony of our very cute B&B. Though my planning skills failed me on this rather important venture, my ability to adapt won the day. It was a beautiful night and she definitely said yes. A new chapter begins…

No, this isnt us. We plan on hiking it next year!
No, this isn't us. We plan on hiking it next year!

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