Your Fans Are Your Biggest Source of Marketing

Tonight I had a chance to go and see Calixico and Neco Case perform at Red Butte. The show was amazing and I even found out about a couple albums I missed out at some point. Something odd happened prior to the show.

Right before Neco Case went on stage, an announcement was made: “Absolutely no pictures or video can be taken. If you are caught, your recording device will be confiscated.”

Really? So if I love your music, record some low quality video and upload it to my YouTube account, would you really shut that down too? Why? I am your fan and I want to brag about you to my friends, family and coworkers, yet you won’t let me. I guess your still stuck in the music world of yesterday. It’s too bad that you don’t realize that your fans can help spread the word about you if you would only give then the tools to do so.


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