Microsoft Fires Again (and bombs)

Microsoft launched their latest “we are cheaper” ads aimed clearly at Apple’s pricier laptops. See the ad below:

Gotta love them for trying; however, if you are even tempted by this commercial, you should read this article that does a fine breakdown of the “better laptop” the “technically savvy” PC buyer ends up with.

I guess Microsoft (and the company’s pricey ad agency) doesn’t seem to understand that using price as a central point of differentiation is not effective, especially when the items you are comparing are extremely different in the quality area. Better luck next time Microsoft (and Crispin Porter + Bogusky). When you hire a “factory” to produce you branding and advertising, you end up getting factory-type thinking. Nothing out of the box or relevant here, just costly ad budgets wasted (that could have been spent on better R&D).


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