Sheer Genius! Microsoft the New Walmart of the Computer Industry

Microsoft is still on the defensive and trying to find a way to appear better than Apple. Their latest attack – PCs are cheaper! Check out the commercial below:

The amazing part of this is that some fool at Fortune magazing actually thinks this is a pertinent point of differentiation (see article). In the article, Elmer-Dewitt states:

Crispin Porter + Boguksy, the agency that produced the ad, has clearly hit a nerve. The campaign goes directly at what may be Apple’ biggest vulnerability: the growing price differential between Macs, which have largely held their prices through the recession, and PCs running Windows, which have been engaged in a brutal price war that forced their average selling price down more than 13% in the last quarter of 2008 alone.

Hmmm… Good point? I say not. If anything, this ad demonstrates how poorly Microsoft is performing. Instead of creating efficient, well-design products that people care about, they have now stooped to becoming the Walmart of the computer/software industry. Why compare price? Well, because Microsoft has nothing else to compare itself with when trying to compete with Apple. It’s like comparing a used car from the corner used auto dealer to new Jaguar or Ferrari. Or, let me put this very simply for you PC motards out there: Microsoft produces crappy products designed my a bunch of square engineers who have little, if any, imagination. Their software sucks, plain and simple. No innovation, poor user interface, all wrapped up in an OS that has made no significant progress in the last 20 years. Any innovations that has been made on the Windows operating system have all be copied from Apple’s OSX.

Apple is an innovative company. They design great products, both software and hardware, that work and that are easy to use. Here’s my challenge to Microsoft: Find a PC that is comprable to the 17″ Macbook Pro and then let’s do a real comparison, both benchmarks and price. Come of Microtards, I dare ya.

Oh, and while you are at it, you might want to hire a new ad agency. You need someone who will level with you about your positioning (price is not a strong point of differentiation). Here are my top five suggestions:

  • Fire you ad agencies. Your money would be better spent hiring a team of designers and creative software developers.
  • Go open source with everything. You guys can’t seem to work out the bugs in your software. Maybe the open source community can do it for you.
  • Fire your engineering and software team. It’s time you designed something with a little ingenuity and stopped trying to emulate Apple.
  • Stop trying to make an OS that will run on every computer in the world. Maybe it is time to partner with one manufacturer and design software for some high quality, standardized computers.
  • If all else fails, just hit control, alt, delete.

It’s kinda sad that a company as big and successful as Microsoft has finally gone the route of price. But when that’s the only comparative advantage that you have, I guess that’s about all you can do. Perhaps their tag line should read: “Microsoft: Save Money, Restart Better.”


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