The New iPod Shuffle – Lovin’ It!

Yeah baby! I broke down the other night and purchased a new iPod Shuffle. I just could not resist.

The iPod Shuffle 3 (image from
The iPod Shuffle 3 (image from

I love it! In fact, it might just become my primary iPod for most of my running, hiking, biking, and other leisurely activities.

I had to laugh after opening up the beautiful packaging. It seems like there is more earbuds than iPod. I’m so used to wrapping my earbud cord around my iPod for storage and now, I’m at a loss as to what to do with the cord when not using the player.

I’ve read a few complaints about the new headphone-based controls. For me, I love the change (screw those nay sayers – can’t handle change? Pick up a Microsoft product). I am so used to tucking my iPods into a pocket and hitting the trail. Getting to the controls has always been a problem. Now, I just have to reach up to the iPod cord and click. Love it.

The new voice over feature is wonderful. I used to have an older Shuffle and always hated trying to move from song to song. Now, I can load up as many playlist as I want and easily switch between them.

What will Apple come up with next? Might we see a voice activated iPod someday?


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