The Kindle 2’s New Audible Books Feature

A good friend of mine alerted me to an article about how the writer’s guild is poised to sue Amazon for a new feature the company built into the Kindle 2 – the ability to allow the Kindle to read the book to you. Wow, what a cool feature and a nice little improvement to the device.

Why’s the Writer’s Guild up in arms? Easy one – the Kindle could potentially rob them of income from audio books. There’s a small problem with their stance – there is no way the audio quality of the Kindle will ever compare to that of a professionally read book. And guess what, get over it!

The Writer’s Guild has a serious problem on their hands. If they proceed, they might find themselves mimicking the actions of the actions of the record industry. The nature of the problem is this – the technology has surpassed the industry. Either learn to adapt and grow or you will soon be replaced. Perhaps authors would be better served if they started looking to the future and found creative ways to improve the industry instead of trying to hold it back…

Take a lesson from the dying record labels, you can do better.


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