The Kindle: My Only Complaint

amazon_kindle_-_back_coverI’ve been using my Kindle non stop since I received it on Christmas (thanks Mom) and to date, I have only run into one issue with the device that I would say needs to be addressed by Amazon. It is one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use tech devices I have had the privilege to use. But, I still can’t figure out why the power buttons (one for the Kindle’s power, the other for the wifi power) is located on the back of the handheld.

In all honesty, this isn’t such a big deal. Flip it over and turn it on; however, when the Kindle is in the supplies leather cover, it is a bit of an inconvenience to do this. Yeah, I am whining a bit, but there are at least three other places on the Kindle that would make more sense to place these two buttons that would improve the overall experience.

Oh, and one more thing: My dream Kindle would also include a color screen. I’ve been reading several textbooks on it and have found that some of the diagrams that are part of the original text don’t always translate over well to the Kindle reader. A high-resolution, color screen would make this a much easier process (but only if the battery’s integrity were not compromised).

Happy reading and I still love this thing. I don’t miss turning pages at all.


2 thoughts on “The Kindle: My Only Complaint

  1. Funny, I never even noticed that the buttons on the back are not the most accessible. The main reason is probably because the first thing I did with mine was ditch the supplied cover. It was too big. I use the silicone skin or a skinned device (decalgirl) in a sleeve. Its much more portable that way. I only use the supplied case when traveling.

    When it comes to textbooks, I thought about using the Kindle, but think I’ll wait for one of the currently-in-development 8″x11″ devices.

    Don’t you find the Next Page buttons more irritating? They’re used much more than the ones on the back. I never turn mine off and only turn on the wireless when downloading.

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  2. Awesome and some great ideas. I actually like the slip cover, mainly because I pack the Kindle around with me in my bag and need something that will provide adequate protection.

    As far as the “next page” buttons go, I don’t have any complaints. They do get bumped a little too easily and I have found myself unknowingly reading a page that I didn’t mean to.

    You never turn your Kindle off? What kind of battery capacity do you get?

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