If you have not seen the movie “Once” yet, run out and grab the DVD or add it to your Netflix list. The movie was definitely my top pick for 2007. I still remember watching the opening musical bit performed Glen Hassard (lead singer of the Frames) and thinking this is going to be a great film. It was.

I find myself popping it into my DVD player at least once a month and the soundtrack far surpasses the most recent “well loved” soundtrack from “Garden State.” The soundtrack also led me to listen to The Frames and Swell Season. If you are a music lover and have not had a chance to listen to these bands, do yourself a favor and pick up a CD or two. Swell Season is actually Glen Hassard and his costar from “Once” (Marketa Irglova) performing together. They have even been touring together (limited to the East Coast).

The film is described as a musical, but for those of you who hate musicals, don’t fret. This is not the typical type of musical. Yes, the actors sing, but it is done within context of the movie. There aren’t any of those stop-the-action moments and break into a cheery tune. It is a great story about the relationship between a man and young woman, their love of music, and how the music brings their lives together. It’s a romance, comedy, drama, all rolled into one finely written, scored, and filmed movie.

The movie poster
Once: The movie poster

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