Bye, Bye Bryant Park Project

This morning, I woke up at my normal time (5 a.m.) and flipped on my radio to listen to my favorite NPR program, The Bryant Park Project. Yes, I fully knew that the program had been cut. Hell, I listened to every episode for the last five months, first on my local NPR station and then via the BPP podcast on my iPod. I loved the program and think it was one of the most innovative and well-target programs NPR has put together in years.

And NPR canceled it. Hmmm? Why not cancel some of the programs that have been around for years that bore audiences? If NPR is going to commit to attracting younger, more web savvy listeners, then stick to the strategy.

Oh, well. Good bye to the BPP-you will be missed. Oh, by the way, I’ll catch NPR some other day too. For now, I am switching to another local public radio station that understands what younger listeners want.


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