Getting Sick of Dating? Me too!

I have to tell you, I try my hardest to be a positive person. I love to smile, crack jokes, and find solutions to problems instead of griping about them. For me, being positive and proactive is the only way to live. But as of late, my hopes for the whole dating issues seem to be waning.

I have dated on and off over the last several years. Now, I have met some nice people during that time, however, none of them really seemed like a good fit. It seems like I keep meeting women who are stuck in party mode and haven’t grown up much from when they were in their late teens or early twenties.

Aren’t there any normal women out there? I would love to meet a cute woman that is intelligent and quick witted; someone who is kind, generous, and loving; a woman that is as comfortable going for a hike or bike ride, as she is when dressing up and going out for an evening on the town.

Is this crazy? Do women like this exist?


One thought on “Getting Sick of Dating? Me too!

  1. Of course we do…and we’re all out here wondering the exact same thing about the guys. :) Good luck to us all!

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