Dating and Craig’s List

I have been pretty busy over the last couple years and really have not had time to get involved in any serious relationships. Sure, I did date off and on and met some really nice people along the way, but nothing that I wanted to pursue.

During that time, I tried most of the dating sites (e.g. Match, Yahoo, eHarmony) with few results. I did go on a few dates, but never ran into the type of woman I wanted to meet.

The other morning, I sat down and wrote the following post on Craig’s List:

Along Came Polly

Have you seen the movie? To be honest, that is kind of what I am looking for. I am looking for that sassy, funny, cute woman that will keep me on my toes a bit.

About me, I am a big movie fan, especially of independent and foreign films. I also enjoy reading and absolutely love great music. I have been incredibly busy over the last couple years while attending graduate school and working full time. I recently graduated and am ready to focus on more important things, like making new friends and meeting that special someone.

Who should you be? It’s funny you should ask because I have an answer. I am definitely interested in finding a woman who has good goals, has a job, enjoys her life, and is quietly confident.

I enjoy grabbing a coffee and chatting long hours into the night, going for walks and bike rides, or curling up on the couch and watching a great movie. Overall, I am pretty easy going.

This was probably one of the most honest profiles I have ever written and sure enough, I have received a ton of email from it. I think it is a testament to the importance of knowing yourself and not being afraid to share that.


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