More on the 4th

The thing to remember about this great day is that we live in a nation that was founded by radicals, men (and women) who dared challenge authority and ask the questions no one else dared to ask. Men like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine understood that words like liberty, society and justice are more than just words; they are the foundation upon which humanity can build a better world for all.

The scary thing is that all it takes is a few hate-filled, greedy, ethnocentric fools to run the ship aground. We now find ourselves in a difficult situation; however, if we are brave enough to listen to the radicals or to become modern radicals ourselves, we can turn our situation around.

Step one–we must stop listening to the politicians, religious clergy, and media and begin listening to our own hearts. Let’s be honest, when you get right down to it, most of us want the same things: We want to be able to live a safe, meaningful life, have families, and give them a better world to live in than the one we were handed. Go anywhere in the world and ask around. We all have similar interests, but we typically find ourselves being driven apart by dogma and the wicked men wielding it.

As Thomas pain put it, ‘Government is a necessary evil’ and we must treat is as that (a necessary evil). The government is there to serve and protect us and when it strays from that course, it should fear the people’s response. This is the only way we, the people, will ever see a time when we regain our liberty.


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