I grew up listening to the big hair rock bands of the 80s. Ratt was one of the bands I used to listen to a lot. I have not listened to them for a very long time, so today (a beautiful morning by the way) I jumped in the car, hooked up the iPod and scrolled to Ratt. Great music for it’s time.

Now, I have evolved past my 80’s rock music things, but as I listened, I did start thinking about Ratt, a good band that never really did much. They were every bit as good as Motley Crew, Poison, and the others, but they just never seemed to make it over the bump.

Here’s my theory – it was all because of marketing. Bands like Motley Crew and Poison understood something important; you have to put on a show and make it memorable. Now, I am not talking about putting on good concerts. No. I am referring to the rock ‘n roll lifestyle and the role of the band’s front man. The Crew had Vince Neal and Tommy Lee. Poison had Brett Michaels. Everyone who was interested in the 80’s rock scene knew who these guys were. They created a sense of mystery, a narrative, something to remember and aspire to. They literally created a “top of mind” presence in fans and helped push themselves to the top.


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