New Found Talents

In the last couple weeks, I have been called upon at work to take on a few new roles. The first opportunity came about when a bagger at a locally owned grocery store won the International Best Bagger title. I was asked to run PR for her and jumped into the situation with all my normal enthusiasm. What followed was a couple weeks filled with writing press releases, media updates, a little coaching with the bagger, a million emails, and just as many phone calls.

It was a great experience and I had a lot of success. Over the last couple weeks, she has been featured in all of our major, local newspapers, all but one of our local television stations, several radio appearances, NPR’s Bryant Park Project, and just a few nights ago, the Late Show with David Letterman. Needless to say, the store that she works at has also received a lot of residual press coverage. I thought we had received all the play from this story that was possible, but just today, I received a call from another media contact who will be having the bagger appear on another local radio station and a new appearance on a news program where she will compete in a bag off against one of the anchors.

This coverage led directly to another great opportunity for our marketing team, the chance to utilize an internal viral video campaign. I had set up a YouTube account and posted the video from her appearance to it. Several members from our marketing team and I then strategically sent out links to the YouTube post to key people in the company. Our goals were simple – use the video to build team spirit/culture and position the marketing team as the most creative and savvy team in the building. In about five hours, the video had about 250 hits. In less than 12 hours, that number has risen to 568 hits. This is a big win for both our team and company.

Another opportunity fell into my lap about midweek. We have several executive staff members who are working on projects and I have been working with many of them to develop communications plans and other marketing-related collateral. I have now been asked to develop several videos for these projects.

All in all, it has been a challenging and very rewarding week. I am very excited about the direction our marketing team is headed; it looks like we might be moving down the “new media” path. A very interesting opportunity indeed…


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