PR and client expectations

I have recently been running PR for an employee at one of our company’s employees. It is an interesting story and one I wish I could go into further; however, that isn’t possible here. It was an interesting story – an employee wins an award for, well, something odd.

Issues I ran into included not being informed that I would be running PR for her ahead of time and poor internal communications.

Our organization happened to know she would be attending the competition ahead of time, but no one bothered to let me know that 1) she was going, and 2) that I would be running PR for her. Had I been made aware of the event and my role in it, I would have been much more proactive, beginning with prepping all potential press releases and other potential needs. I would have interviewed her thoroughly and ran through a variety of questions to help prep her for potential questions.

Instead, I was forced to scramble, making a variety of calls, trying to reach the person, friends, family, coworkers, etc. I spent a lot of time trying my best to be a good detective talking to her place of employment. I controlled it as best possible and still managed to get out ahead of the media.

In the middle of all this, her employer called me, a guy who had failed to call or email me after a variety of requests, and wanted to make sure that the business get the credit it was due. Somehow, he was under the impression that the media would be interested in the business and less so on the girl who had won the award. What he was failing to notice was that he was getting a ton of free press on both local and national media.

A fun event, but a difficult one to manage within an organization that does not excel in internal communications and strategic planning.


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