IT Rant

I am a marketing specialist. The team I work with has a very clear mission: we are the company’s can do team. It is a challenging mission; however, it positions the team well within the company. Though taking this position present challenges, it is the right thing to do.

Our IT department seems to run on the exact opposite mission. They live within the proverbial box, confined by a mentality that limits their ability to much else than the status quo. Ask them to support an initiative that has anything to do with Web 2.0 and their brains turn off. Blogs, RSS, online video – no, no, no.

But the times are changing and our marketing team is moving beyond the IT department’s capabilities to support the initiatives and campaigns we are putting together.

For the moment, they have won – no blogs, RSS, or online video. But time and technology will make them obsolete and yes, we will have to move on without them.

Resistance is never futile.


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